UltraSound Life Support (USLS) - Basic Level

This course is meant for beginners. It has been designed to provide a solid ground on which you can build a sound knowledge in emergency and critical care ultrasound.

UltraSound Life Support (USLS) - Advanced Level

This course is meant for the ones who have already attended the basic course, or already have sound knowledge of basic ultrasound and want to improve their technique or apply it in an emergency and critical care setting.

Lung UltraSound (LungUS)

This course will include basic and advanced knowledges in lung ultrasound.

Nurse UltraSound (NurseUS)

This course is designed for nurses working in the emergency room, anesthesiology and intensive care.

WINFOCUS Basic Echo (WBE) - Basic Level

This course focuses on echocardiography in the very specific context of emergency and critical care medicine.

More Than Basic Echo (MTWBE) - Advanced Level

This course goes deeper in heart echo and all clinical scenario encountered in emergency department, ICU and operating theatre; it’s especially directed to best manage more advanced problems.

Emergency Pediatric Ultrasound

A new specific course designed for specialists interested in pediatrics, with the possibility to have some practical scenario.

Ultrasound Neurological Assessment (NeuroUS)

The Ultrasound Neurological Assessment course has been created for Emergency and Critical Care specialists.